Love Struck


kabhī kisī ko mukammal jahāñ nahīñ miltā

kahīñ zamīn kahīñ āsmāñ nahīñ miltā


– Nida Fazli

LOVE a four letter alphabet but when it comes to describe it one falls short of words. It is the purest expression of showing affection, warmth, attachment and what not. When one is love struck the world appears to be different; rather your perspective of seeing entirely changes. Life isn’t always a bed of roses but it does have thorns to offer. Likewise, when you are in love it does not always come with a FOREVER GUARANTEE. Sometimes you only taste the abbreviation of it.

If your love comes with a ‘FOREVER’ promise you are one lucky person and Respect the being. But if things don’t fall into place don’t scar your heart.’ Lei it go’. And to let go is an art. Never be bound and shed tears if you are not happy about it. Exaggeration isn’t a solution but is ignorance. Exit on a note with MEMORIES that brings SMILE on your face. Loving your special one and not being loved back is heartbreaking; the beautiful phase suddenly turns into a nightmare.

Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock

The interesting part of not being loved back is that you will always view your past as a Teacher. When you get hurt you actually learn a lot. Never try to find your love ‘let love find you’. Yes, let love find you and it is always said, ‘ Fall in love’. Love is a lifetime venture wherein you LEARN, DISCOVER & GROW. Fall in LOVE but never get STRUCK.



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