Hijab: My Right, My Choice & My Life

Allah (SW) says:

“Say (O Muhammad) to the believing men: lower your gaze and protect your modesty that is more pure for you…
And Say (O Muhammad) to the believing women: lower your gaze and protect your modesty and do not openly reveal your beauty (apart from to your mahrams)…”

When you talk about HIJAB people relate it to ‘OPPRESSION’. Hijab is a headscarf which is put on to hide, conceal the body, the beauty from strangers gaze and act as a barrier. I fail to understand why women who carry HIJAB are shown as, ‘veiled victims’? People think that Hijab is a tool of Oppression but actually it is a tool of LIBERATION.

Picture Courtesy: Pak Tea House


Speak to Muslim women and get to know that it isn’t oppressive or demeaning but an honor  and a reminder of who they are. It is a form of shield wherein you are not viewed as a piece of meat or a being meant for display. If a Sikh man wears a Turban we really see nothing wrong in it but a Muslim woman wears a Hijab we relate it to Islamic extremism, male dominance and women submission. Such is the double standard of the society we live in. A cloth can never oppress the women but one’s mindset can.

hijab 2                                                     Picture courtesy: We Heart It

We say, ‘Clothes doesn’t define my character’, ‘Even if I walk naked you have no right to judge me’ and much more. So, ideally a ‘woman has all the liberty to show what she has then why not the right to cover it up too’. One is in no position of judging anyone with what is on the head and if you have to judge do it with what is inside.



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