When NEET became BIZARRE

With the introduction of NEET in the year 2016, it has left no stone unturned and has always shocked with its norms, rules & regulations and newly added in the list is the bizarre code of conduct. The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) was held on 07.May.2017 at various examination centres across the country. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “That service is the noblest which is rendered for its own sake”. The basic motive of NEET is to provide the society with ‘Medical practitioners’. And these practitioners are meant to ‘Serve the society’ & ‘Serve the Mankind’.

Living in the so called ‘civilized society’ and with the most ‘uncivilized’ behaviour towards the medical aspirants under the name of abiding by the rules & regulations, made the entrance examination one humiliating experience. The accused had their say that they were just following the instructions as per given then how come they violated the ‘Human Rights’. Like if one is so concerned and particular about rules & regulations one must also be aware of the basic human rights. And undoubtedly, no one is above law. A year after its one stormy debut NEET turned an examination centre into a war zone causing much of hassles.

neet 2

Picture Courtesy : Legally India

Rules are always meant to be followed but when those rules affect the psychology of an aspirant introspection and rectification both are required. With the case which happened in Kannaur, Tamil an 18-year-old alleged that she was forced to remove her upper inner garment while another student said she had to change her jeans at an exam centre for the NEET. They were told it was for “security”, to prevent cheating. These are few sadist experiences just in the name of discipline. Understanding the fact that stringent measures are to be taken to stop cheating & irregularities but asking a female student to open her upper inner garment or for that matter changing jeans in the presence of someone unknown and then enter the examination hall, it is beyond our imagination what would be the state of mind of those candidates while writing the paper. When it comes to exam more than the child the parents are concerned. Imagine the state of mind of parents present outside, the pressure they have been going through.

The aspirants had faced harrowing experiences. Many of the aspirants were unaware of the Do’s and don’ts.   Several boys who had gone to attend the test wearing full sleeve shirts were taken aback and were told that only half-sleeve shirts were allowed in the examination hall. Left with no choice, they had to “customise” it by cutting it to size by using a scissor.  Also, some who had come wearing shoes had to dump it and hastily opt for the sandals of their parents. Girls had to hurriedly remove hair pins, bands and ornaments like earrings and nose-pins as these accessories were not allowed. Some who had brought their own pens and pencils had to leave it with their parents. Think about the fact the plight of students just before the examination how nervous and scared they would have been.

Medical profession has always associated primarily with the public service. And, this was the kind of service which was given to the ‘Future Medical Practitioners’.


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